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April 11, 2008



This is very valuable information. I think there should be some meeting with the person who has been designated to make the decisions. They need to know their boundaries within that role. I just recently experienced a situation where my aunt dying from breast cancer made the decision to hire 24 hour care. My cousin who had power of attorney and medical powers tried to say she could overturn the decision because she had those designated roles. I had to explain her that she only had power if my aunt was not capable of making decisions. This infuriated her because she needed her mom and wanted to do everything to keep her. This creates very tricky situations because people do not understand the powers and limitations of their legal roles.

Laura Green

Healthcare decisions need to be planned in order to ensure better health. I think the awareness will encourage more people to plan especially in health issues where substance abuse is concerned, now that it is a major problem.
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